How is Changing the World of WordPress Hosting?

The internet is a dynamic world of options, ideas, and characteristics. As such, it always offers room for improvement and betterment. Most services on the internet change from time to time, increasing their features and expanding their benefits. Additionally, the entry of a novel and revolutionary service may also change the scope of a particular service on the internet.

The case of is no different. Launched earlier in 2020, the WordPress Optimized Hosting services of are entirely changing the ideas and benefits attached to these services. Everything, from its features to its service quality, is revolutionary.

Here, we will analyze how is changing the world of WordPress Hosting. has Exceptional Features

We can not deny that WordPress optimized hosting services have been in the market for a long-time. Many companies, like Site Ground, Hostgator, and A2 Hosting, offer specific packages for WordPress Optimized Hosting services. However, all these services lacked an inbuilt system of comprehensive features that the user does not need to pay for separately.

One such example is Content Delivery Network services. Most WordPress Hosting services require you to purchase CDN services separately. Thus, the end cost that the user has to pay to keep their website at top speed and performance increases. However, revolutionized this aspect by offering inbuilt CDN services.

Similarly, you do not need to purchase a separate security service like Site Lock to keep your websites protected. Instead, WordPress Website Hosting offers optimized web servers that naturally protect your website from Malware and Virus attacks. As such, not only does the end cost reduces, but you get exceptional safety of your content.

Another way in which revolutionizes the WordPress Hosting services is by providing a concrete framework to backup your data. It keeps automatic backups available for 14 days. However, it also allows you to create a manual free of cost at any time. Additionally, the user can attach any outstanding third-party backup service to their hosting plan that they prefer. This aspect is different from most WordPress Hosting services because you do not get a chance to manually backup the data. Additionally, you have to purchase the backup service that the hosting provider supports. There is no choice in the service you take. Offers Exceptional Support

Although most hosting providers provide exceptional support for dedicated and VPS hosting services, they fail to deliver the same quality of support for WordPress Hosting. A crucial example in this respect is A2 Hosting. If you do not purchase priority hosting from their company, you may have to wait as long as an hour to connect to a chat support agent.

However, solves that issue for WordPress website owners. Its chat support agents are available around the clock- even on holidays! You can contact them at any time and get a solution to your issues. This incredibly fast support service is unmatched by any other WordPress Hosting provider. Additionally, you may opt for email support as well. Their team answers to both email and support tickets in minimal time. As such, your transfers and website development issues can be solved quickly.

WordPress Hosting With A Meaningful Dashboard? does it!

Most WordPress hosting services available in the market fail to provide any proper dashboard system for such hosting. Additionally, all you can check is the nameserver of your website or access to the FTP account. However, WordPress Hosting revolutionized this aspect for WordPress websites as well.

You get a completely dedicated panel that gives you an insight into the used storage space and bandwidth. Additionally, it provides an easy counter to determine your page visits during the month. You can further filter these statistics to match your requirements well.

A revolutionary aspect mentioned by the dashboard is the physical location of your server. This feature is revolutionary for local SEO purposes as the WordPress website owner can decide where to locate his website. As such, you can prefer to find your website in the areas of your primary market. This aspect increases the page load speed in those areas even further, making your website a top result in search engine queries. is part of the Global Edge Network

The Global Edge Network’s incorporation and embedment with the WordPress hosting services is something unique to Essentially, your website is part of an extensive global network that optimizes your page content delivery everywhere. Thus, a person loading your page in South East Asia on the other side of the world is still likely to get the same page load speed as someone accessing your website in America. This aspect increases your site’s convenience for the global audience.

Additionally, it reduces the requirement for developing different websites for different regions. Instead, you can create one multi-site that offers everything that you require as a one-stop-shop. This aspect reduces the development and hosting costs for most WordPress website owners immensely. connects with G-Suite and Outlook365

Most hosting providers give you the option to attach either G-Suite of Outlook365 with your WordPress optimized services. However, revolutionizes this aspect by offering the user a chance to select from both options under the same service. Yes! It becomes your choice to decide whether you prefer the G-Suite, or you would like to stick with Office365. will not force you to choose one as a compulsory option.

This way, you can select the service that best suits your needs and provides you the best output for your project. What else does a WordPress website owner ask for? Practically – caters to everything.

Conclusion — is Great! is an exceptional WordPress website hosting service that has revolutionized the service area by providing unmatched features and the best performance. Its core framework is better than most other options on the market today. Additionally, it will take a lot of time for the other hosting providers to match its services.