Instagram Growth Methods that Are Working Right Now

Businesses need Instagram to attract over 1 billion monthly users and 200 million daily visitors to at least one business account. 

Since people stay at home longer than ever and social distance is still necessary, “online time” is growing. 

A business using Instagram can build a great connection with its target market in such a circumstance. With the right content creation and marketing plan in place, there is no reason why local and online businesses can’t grow their Instagram following daily using the methods discusses below.

There are plenty of modern Instagram growth methods that will work in 2022. Discover how you can make your account stand out and how you can reach an audience in 2022 that matters to you.

1. Engage with other brands

By partnering with an Instagram account that already has a large following, you can accelerate your Instagram growth.

Instagram hasn’t added this method in a long time. By collaborating with your existing and new audiences, you can reach your content to both groups.

The companies you choose for your business should align with your goals. You have to match your target audience with their gender as well. Proposals for collaborations should also include a detailed plan.

And once you’ve built up your following online, it might be a good idea to run an Instagram audit of your own. This way you can start weeding out any older or fake bot accounts that you might be following.

2. Update your stories every day

It’s important to engage well with the story, just like Live. One reason is that Instagram stories are viewed by 500+ million people every day, and a third of the most-viewed stories involve business.

Adding your brand to a story is yet another way to be seen, and the popularity of stories continues to grow. By telling a story, you can reach a wider audience.

Stories are also very easy to use, which is another great feature. It doesn’t take much work to create an Instagram story, and since it only lasts 24 hours, it’s shared with quite a few people, including families, friends, and little risk. 

Additionally, you can display older stories in the highlights of your page if you want to extend their life.

3. Consistently post new content

The audience will lose interest and expectations if you aren’t posting consistently. Your followers will be confused or have completely forgotten about you if you stop posting for a month. Even if you decide to post again, they may not follow you anymore.

4. Design a visually appealing profile

Making sure your Instagram page is relevant to your brand is crucial for Instagram growth. Customers prefer a well-organized and stable page.

You can achieve this by having identical lighting and backgrounds during shoots or filming. You should avoid taking photos with different backgrounds if your business is in the field of fashion and clothing.

You should always choose an identical background for any product photography in nature. Change up the camera angle, distance, model poses, etc.

5. Grow by working in social welfare

In addition to showing the true face of your business on Instagram, you will be able to grow your following. 

Especially in the present environment, a matter of great importance to the community and the people. Why not help others, even a little bit, if your company can do so?

For example, medical staff could be provided with masks, nurses on duty could be provided with meals, etc.

6. Get fast Instagram growth by using hashtags

Use hashtags as another method to grow your Instagram profile quickly, effectively, and for free. 

When hashtags are used in Instagram posts, engagement increases by 12.6% compared to posts without them.

A higher engagement rate is associated with posts with hashtags. Hashtags can also help you reach more people. 

Your post may appear by searching for a hashtag, resulting in the user visiting your page and following you.

Instagram Marketing Bonus Tip

Finding and following targeted Instagram users is crucial in an Instagram growth strategy. You can follow up to 50 other Instagram users in an hour before you start feeling upset. 

It is not the best idea to follow 50 people every hour, every day. Following a few dozen, a day is a good start.

Adding your Instagram link to your newsletter or Intercom chat can also help to boost growth on Instagram. Creating a social media presence this way will alert potential followers to where you’re active.

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